Enlightened Views Idaho Window Cleaning

Welcome to Enlightened Views Idaho, a family owned window washing company located in Boise, Idaho with over 14 years of experience. 

  • Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning. Includes window sills, frames, screens and other window coverings.
  • Christmas/Holiday Light Design, Installation and Removal. Enlightened Views Idaho will design, purchase, connect and mount nearly all types of holiday lighting and fixtures. Call today to help plan your next holiday celebration.
  • Pressure Washing. Can be done to just about any surface requested. Examples include brick/wood patios, concrete walkways, sidewalks, rooftops, home exterior siding, and more.
  • Gutter Cleaning. Includes scooping, hauling and disposing of material in gutters, as well as a full flush out of downspouts. Rooftop cleaning is also available, please call for more information.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning.  Have your solar panels wiped clear of dust and tree droppings to maximize energy output and your return on investment.


Window Cleaning Services

Enlightened Views Idaho provides complete window cleaning services for residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Treasure Valley of Boise, Idaho.  Thomas and his team make sure every part of the “window” is cleaned.  This includes interior and exterior glass, window sill, frame, as well as window screens. Enlightened Views Idaho is fully equipped for all high-rise buildings and has years of experience working on extension ladders and hydraulic lifts. If a window was able to installed, it can be cleaned.

If there are hard water stains on the glass, they can usually be removed but can sometimes require a substantial increase in labor.  Please be advised that not ALL defects on glass can always be removed, and the age, upkeep and overall quality of glass can affect the results of the overall window cleaning.

Pressure Washing Services

Enlightened Views Idaho provides full service pressure washing, for all kinds of exterior surface cleaning . Boise weather can produce some harsh conditions for your brick or wood patio, sidewalk, rooftop, and your structure’s exterior siding. By having these surfaces pressure washed you will not only improve the appearance of your property, but will significantly slow down degration that can lead to costly replacement. Uncleaned wood surfaces can lead to the buildup of unsightly and unsafe mold that can present a health concern as well as indirect costs to other components of your home.

Thomas and his crew has hundreds of hours of pressure washing experience, and has an attention to detail like no other Boise operation. Call or email today and start enjoying the benefits of clean sidewalks, patios, rooftops, exterior siding, brick walkways, driveways and whatever else it may be that you want to last through the decades.

Gutter Cleaning Services

The benefits of regular gutter cleaning can not be over emphasized. Gutters and downspouts serve the purpose of redirecting rain water, debris and snow melt that would otherwise enter your home through weaknesses in your structure.

Buildings are built tough these days, but water eventually finds a way through. Gutters and downspouts that are not regularly cleaned are prone to clogging from dirt, small cement particles washed from rooflines, as well as tree droppings and other organic matter. Gutters that are even partially clogged can test the integrity of your building. Overflowing water onto unprotected surfaces can cause staining and rust and can eventually lead to structural weaknesses due to rot. Furthermore, the gutters themselves will eventually become weak, rust and eventually fall from your roofline.

Enlightened Views Idaho are professionals when it comes to cleaning your gutters. Thomas and his crew will carefully remove all debris from your gutters, haul it offsite and have it properly recycled and or disposed, as well as conduct a full inspection of your water drainage system.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Once installed solar panels are a relatively maintenance free and efficient means of alternative energy. However, because of the way they are constructed, it is very important to keep the glass free of dust and debris. A lightly dusted solar panel installation can lose 10-15% of its efficiency, whereas a single large blockage on the glass (bird droppings) can reduce your output by up to 40%! Enlightened Views Idaho recommends cleaning your solar panels twice a year. Call today to setup a cleaning schedule for your new investment.

Holiday Light Installation

Christmas and other holiday lights are a festive way to celebrate the seasons, but for many it can become a dangerous and time consuming activity that really takes a toll on your vacation time. Let the professionals take over and enjoy your holidays the way they should be: in peace and without frustrations.

Enlightened Views Idaho designs, installs, and removes all holiday light fixtures for all kinds of buildings and applications. It is up to you, the owner, to decide on how much you want to be involved. Thomas and his crew can work closely with you on your ideas for your festive decorations or you can have an entirely hands-off approach, and leave it entirely up to them. You can provide the lights and fixtures, or have Thomas and his crew choose, buy and install them on their own.

Thomas has been installing lights since he was a kid and has learned the safest, and most efficient ways to have them properly mounted. He can install all types of timers as well as finding just how many watts of energy your home can handle. One of the biggest problems with holiday lights is that they can easily overwork your electrical system causing them to trip breakers, or even worse, cause electrical fires.

There are many accidents each year from improperly installed christmas and holiday lights. Let the professionals take over and enjoy a festive and care-free holiday once again.


Enlightened Views Idaho Owner - Thomas Draper.

Some of the Enlightened Views crew downtown Boise.

Colliers Building, Boise ID.  We operate all size booms and lifts.

Skylight Cleaning.  We wash all panes of glass, no matter where the location.

Another spotless window set in Boise, executed by Enlightened Views Idaho.

Don't risk it, let the professionals get to those hard to reach places.

40 foot windows? No Problem!

Illuminate that kitchen with clean glass. Your home, and guests will appreciate it.

Let those french windows shine like they should.

Screen cleaning-included in every job.

Protect your home, clean your gutters regularly.

Brighten your workplace and brighten the moods of its inhabitants.

We never skip a window at Enlightened Views Idaho.

Smooth squeegee swiping.  Never a squeak, never a streak.

French window sets are tough without proper equipment.

You will be surprised at our attention to detail.

Window cleaning by boom.

Clean windows.  Simply Beautiful.

Kitchen skylight wash.

Open up those views to the rooms that need it most!

Skylights build up the most dirt, have them cleaned regularly.

Skylights build up the most dirt, have them cleaned regularly.

We move fast.  Very Fast.

Another set of french windows ready to shine.

Let the professionals do the risky work.  Call Today!



Family Owned

Enlightened Views Idaho Window Cleaning is a family run company owned by Thomas Draper, built upon trust and great customer service.  Thomas and his older brother Bart have worked, supervised, and owned successful window cleaning companies over the last two decades – success that is attributed to attention for detail, polite and efficient customer service, and a dedication to their customers you can only find in a small, tight knit crew.  All employees working with Thomas have years of window washing experience and have been chosen for quality of work performed, but are also chosen for their attitude towards the business and their ability to provide a warm and genuinely kind service to Treasure Valley customers.

On Time, On Budget, On Call

Whatever your window cleaning needs may be Thomas and his crew at Enlightened Views Idaho do their very best to deliver on time, and within your budget. Customer satisfaction and customer retention is a top priority for Enlightened Views Idaho, and it is understood that these things don’t happen over night. Thomas’ customers never have to worry about the quality of work and can depend on Thomas and his crew for last minute rush cleanings.

Process and Approach

Thomas builds relationships with his customers like they are an extension of his family. After your initial phone call, Thomas will come out for a free consultation where he will spend some time looking at the quality and quantity of windows and make recommendations for a window maintenance schedule. Although it is not required, a visit to the site is recommended to ensure a proper quote is given. Price quotes can vary, depending on the amount and difficulty of ladder work, condition of windows, number of screens, as well as a number of other factors. Thomas has worked on hundreds of properties and will be happy to explain the process involved that contributes to his quote.


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