What we do

Enlightened Views offers window cleaning services for small boutique retail shops, single family homes of all sizes, multi-unit apartment and condominium complexes to 20 story commercial and government buildings. Low rise, high rise, underground, underwater, private, public we do it all.

We are insured and bonded and our team has extensive ladder, lift, boson chair and swinging stage experience.  We get where we need to go, safely.


Bidding jobs simply can’t be done over the phone.  Wish we could, but just like your favorite bag of potato chips, not two jobs are the same.  Bushes, bird droppings, dangerous rooftops, grime buildup, waste removal, etc. can all come into play.  Usually, it’s a straightforward process however, and a bid can be put together after a short inspection of the premises.

How long does it take?

The average time is about 2-3 hours for average single family home, inside and out.  We’ll usually assign 2-4 crew members for residential jobs.

Our crew will clean all window sills, tracks, screens, glass, and frames, all included in the estimate.  Spider web removal when needed.  Windows are cleaned using the best tool out there: good ol’ fashioned elbow grease (and a little bit of high quality window cleaning solution 😉

We’re happy for one-off visits, but many customers find it’s easiest to sign up for bi-weekly, quarterly, or annual visits.

Photos of our work